Who We Are

We are a fiercely dynamic team of entrepreneurs! Our diverse skill sets are an asset in conceptualizing creative, unique, branding and marketing solutions for our varied clients. Our commitment to service excellence is guided by our incredible leader, Medina Harverye. The combination of experience (in maturity) and great innovation (in youth) allows us to be a truly transformational team.

Dandelion Breeze is committed to creating rewarding experiences and the delivery of the highest quality client service experience. The name itself was conceptualized to encapsulate the essence of transformation – a dandelion is continuously sowing the seed of sustenance which in turn continues to produce. This is what Medina and her team strives for with DB. We look to sowing seeds into ‘good soil’ which means working with whom we find value in, and in turn they find value in what we do.

We are MAC Charter and BEE (Level 1) compliant. We are 100% black owned aswell as being 100% female owned.

What do we do

Our services include Strategic Marketing Concepts, Experiential Brand Activation and Event & PR Execution. We serve as advocates for your brand, activating your product, giving it a kick start in the right direction causing a huge increase in your sales and profit. We aim to create loyalty between your company and your customers, ensuring recurring business.

What do we stand for

We operate according to a set of moral values that we see as the most important factors regarding any business relationship. These values include

  • Integrity above all else
  • Truth in all we do
  • We see the value in People
  • We provide the Best Possible Advice possible

Why are we the best at we do

We always do far and beyond, adding far more value that what we charged for. We are always looking to participate in mutually beneficial partnerships. We will always show up even when you dont feel like it. We can ensure that we will deliver on what we promise no matter the costs.

Why we exist

Dandelion Breeze is an organisation that believes in developing young entrepreneurs by giving them a platform to grow their ‘business with a business’. Awarding your projects to Dandelion Breeze ensures that young entrepreneurs, with their creativity and innovation are contributing to the success of meeting your business objectives. The team is headed up by the founder, Medina Harverye, an extremely successful entrepreneur with over two and a half decades of experience in the world of marketing and advertising. Her wisdom and experience guide the team in ensuring that we hit all the targets we set to achieve. Dandelion Breeze is founded on honesty, integrity, adding value and an incomparable work ethic. “We show up even when you don’t feel like it”



Medina Harverye

Medina Harverye, Founder and Managing Director of Dandelion Breeze, is a self-made business woman with a commitment to quality and excellence in service delivery and the ultimate goal of client satisfaction.

Her working life began in South Africa at one of the largest advertising agencies and it was here that she gained her vast and varied experience in client service, marketing and advertising.  With this proven track record in an incredibly demanding industry and an ambitious spirit,  it was only natural that Medina would put her entrepreneurial skills to work.  She left the world of advertising and founded Dandelion Breeze, created to support Social Entrepreneurship, a company to which Medina is incredibly devoted.

Solid Support A Team Effort

"Aligned Values are the essence of a great team." - Medina Harverye
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